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MESAR/ENVIRONAIR's approach is to offer the best solution suitable for a specific process

MESAR/ENVIRONAIR INC. has successfully completed projects in different industrial sectors on a worldwide scale.

The pulp and paper industry represents an important activity sector where we have developed specific solutions for specific problems. We have integrated reliable pollution control solutions into pulping processes for:

  • Collection, transport and treatment of non condensible gases emissions (NCG/TRS) from pulping processes and;
  • Transport and treatment of contaminated effluents (foul condensates) from pulping processes
  • Chemical oxydation of TRS using residual chlorine dioxyde from bleach plant

Also, MESAR/ENVIRONAIR INC. has completed projects in other industrial sectors. Projects range from absorption of odorous compounds to complex alcohol recovery systems.

Leading edge in stability and low operation costs has been proven with our DIREC$ technology (Dynamic Integrated Reagent-Effluent Control System) in different conditions. We have integrated specific solutions for specific environmental problems such as:

  • Absorption and stripping of ethanol, isopropyl alcohol, ammonia and methanol
  • Treatment of chlorine from a magnesium manufacturing plant
  • Treatment of process gases from a catalyst manufacturing plant
  • Treatment of VOC from a Synthetic Resin Process
  • Treatment of odors with dynamic control from a Soya bean hydrolysis process
  • Treatment of odors with dynamic control from a waste water treatment plant
  • Pollution abatement system for treating toxic exhaust (HCL, SO2, NOX) of two (2) incineration processes from an ammunition destruction plant.



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