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Energy recovery system

MESAR/ENVIRONAIR INC., has established itself over the past eight (8) years as a leader provider of non-condensible gas treatment system. In fact, we supply the most cost-effective environmental compliance technologies regarding any type of airborne pollutant (gas, odors and particulate).

Moreover, along with air pollution control equipment supply, we have gained and expertise for energy conservation products and solutions which is unmatched by our competition. The key of our success stands from the fact that we not only supply equipment, but we fully understand customer's process.

MESAR/ENVIRONAIR INC., has a proven track record of design-build success projects in providing optimum solution for customers to economically reduce air pollution emissions along with high efficiency heat recovery systems.

Heat recovery systems design is a key factor in our air treatment technology system. First, it gives an attractive payback (ROI) on any air pollution control project. Secondly, the energy recovery system drastically reduces the volume of contaminated-laden gas to transport and treat. On top of that, its stripping effect permits a reintroduction of raw material particulate back to the process. We, as technology designers, optimize every one of those factors to deliver the most cost-efficient system to our customers.

MESAR/ENVIRONAIR INC., delivers high quality environmental compliance and energy conservation technologies aiming at the KYOTO Protocol (greenhouse effect gas). Our products are supported by comprehensive engineering and implementation services. The integrated system solutions resulting from a combination of our product lines improve our market competitiveness.

Our energy recovery product line consists of specially adapted direct condenser, custom made shell and tube heat exchanger coupled with instrumentation and control logic adapted to the customer's process.

- Heat exchanger
Direct condensor



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